EuPhO 2020 experiments

After having discussions with the Academic Committee, we decided that this year, instead of real experiments, there will be simulated experiments. This means that each contestant needs to have a computer (running Windows, OSX or Linux), but no other tools will be required (they still need to have graph papers, a ruler, and a calculator). The webcam needs to be directed so that the computer screens can be seen (the contestants are allowed to use only the simulation executable and nothing else on his/her computer). The contestants will be able to input the control parameters of the “experiment”, and get at the output the simulated “measurement results”. In their nature, the tasks will remain as close as possible to real experimental olympic problems.

Apart from that – don’t forget that the registration deadline is approaching fast! We have already 50 registered teams.

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  1. When will the leaders receive the questions to translate and will they be sent by mail?
    I think this work wll take about 2 hours?

    I ask this to know how to organise myself.

    I am the responsable teacher for the Flemish-speaking students (part of the Belgian team with leader Philippe Léonard who is responsable for the French-speaking students)

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