The Academic Committee consists of 7 to 9 permanent members. The organizing country can nominate an additional member. The founding members of the Academic Committee are listed below. The detailed rules regarding nomination and election of the members of the Academic Committee will be discussed with the team leaders during the Olympiad.

Prof. Jaan Kalda

– Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia
– President of EuPhO, head of the theory examination at IPhO-2012, author of a series of study guides for Physics Olympiads

Prof. Vyacheslavs Kashcheyevs

– University of Latvia, Latvia
– Member of APhO 2019 academic committee
Academic leader of the Latvian Physics team

Dr. Máté Vigh

– Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary
– One of the authors of the book “200 More Puzzling Physics Problems: With Hints and Solutions”, author of a World Physics Olympiad problem

Dr. Stefan Petersen

– Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education at Kiel University, Germany
– Academic leader of the German teams for IPhO and EUSO, academic committee member of EUSO 2007

Dr. Lev Melnikovsky

– Kapitza Institute for Physical Problems of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
– Author of many problems for the Russian Physics Olympiad

Dr. Victor Ivanov

– University of Sofia, Bulgaria
– Author of two problems at World Physics Olympiad

Professor Paul Stanley

– Beloit College, SUA
– Secretary of International Physics Olympiad

Dr. Ivan Erofeev

– Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Russia
– Best theory paper at IPhO-2005