In memoriam Adrian Dafinei

The world of physics is saddened by the passing of Mr. Adrian Dafinei, Professor Doctor of Physics at the University of Bucharest – Romania. Professor Dafinei was known for his professionalism, brilliant solutions to all kinds of problems, fairness, modesty, and his tireless desire to help unconditionally.

Since 1998, Professor Dafinei had been leading the Romanian Physics Team at IPhO, imparting his knowledge, dedication and passion for physics to many generations of exceptional students. Professor Dafinei was also a member of the Advisory Committee for IPhO.

The Romanian Physics Teams for EuPhO, APhO and NBPhO was prepared every year by Professor Adrian Dafinei and students achieved remarkable results at EuPhO, APhO, NBPhO and IPhO.

Excellence in physics and the many lives he touched are richer because of Professor Adrian Dafinei.

Smooth sailing to the stars, Professor Adrian Dafinei. May you rest in peace.

Delia Davidescu

Adrian with his students at the first EuPhO (Tartu, Estonia, May 2017)

6 thoughts on “In memoriam Adrian Dafinei”

  1. Rest in Peace, Professor Dafinei! Thank you for everything you have done for us and for Physics! I will always cherish your help and constant support. You will be greatly missed.

    1. Rest in peace, Professor Dafinei!
      Thank you for all your hard work and dedication that have inspired so many generations!
      You will be missed!

  2. We are grateful for everything you did to promote physics in Romania! Rest in peace, dear professor!

  3. Rest in peace, Professor Dafinei!
    We are greatful for all the things you have made possible for romanian olympic students and the knowledge shared throughout the years.

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