About EuPhO 2021

Dear friends,

The Academic Committee of EuPhO convened online on 14th February, and as a result, I can inform you about the following.
1. EuPhO-2021 will take place online, between 19th and 26th June, with the competition days being 19th and 20th June. This is based on the feedback received from you: all the teams will be able to compete on 19th and 20th June, and Sunday-Saturday are the preferred competition days.
2. The fees will be 90€ per contestant for official teams, and 125€ per contestant for the guest teams.
3. The regulations will mostly copy the regulations of EuPhO-2020. In
particular, the experiment will be again virtual. However, with the
accumulated experience from EuPhO-2020 and increased budget, we aim to make it more streamlined.
4. EuPhO-2022 will take place in Slovenia, and EuPhO-2023 in Germany.
5. The first circular will be sent out, and the pre-registration of EuPhO-2021 will open soon.

NB! While we do have a pool of good problem proposals, our primary goal
is to make as good and exciting as possible problem sets. If you have an
original problem which you believe could fit both in style and difficulty for EuPhO, please send it to me by e-mail. Please put it into an encrypted container (.7z, .zip), and send the container to eurphol@gmail.com while sending the password to kalda@ioc.ee.

Finally, if you have received the medals, I would be happy to receive photos of your team with medals, for uploading to the EuPhO web page. It could be the whole team together (possibly with team leaders), or a collage of the photos of individual contestants. Please send the photos to eurphol@gmail.com.

Best regards,
Jaan Kalda

4 thoughts on “About EuPhO 2021”

  1. Greetings. I am writing to you from sunny Kazakhstan. We want to participate in your physics Olympiads this year. We would be grateful if you give feedback.

  2. 1.Knowing that Nigeria is not part of EuPhO, nevertheless,I want to ask that can I still register as a visitor team and participate in this year’s edition?
    2.When is the registration deadline for this year’s competition for a visitor team?

  3. Hello. I have some students interested in participating as a guest team. How can we register?!

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